The best known fish dishes in the coastal area are “brodet”, “buzara”, black risotto with cuttlefish, calamari, scallops and grilled shrimp with pasta or raw.

The interior of Istria is famous for its meat dishes and pasta. The Istrian “crepnja”, a metal cover or bell, gives a special taste because it is prepared on an open fire. It can be used to prepare meat and fish dishes.


When it comes to dried and smoked meat products, Istria offers delicious homemade sausages, pancetta or its widely famous “pršut” (smoked ham). Istrian “žgvacet” is a traditional Istrian stew served with homemade pasta. Other meat dishes that we recommend are “ombolo” (dried rack of pork) and meat from the native Istrian cattle “boškarin”.

Homemade pasta “fuži“, “njoki” and “pljukanci” are served with the traditional Istrian goulash, while “pasutice” is a type of pasta most commonly eaten with codfish. Istrian ravioli are filled with various stuffing and can be served as a standalone dish. In addition to the mentioned meat and fish specialties, Istria is known for its wild asparagus, scrambled eggs and the gourmet treasure of Istria – truffles.

As for dessert, we recommend homemade "fritule" and crunchy “kroštule”, served most commonly on special occasions and at various festivities. A specialty of the traditional Istrian cuisine is “maneštra”, a thick soup that can be prepared in different ways, as well as Istrian “supa”, commonly served and eaten from a mug.


In Rovinj, we recommend “Monte” restaurant, which was awarded the first Michelin Star in Croatia. Throughout Istria, there are about 15 more restaurants with a Michelin Recommendation. In Livade, you can find “Žigante” restaurant with its top offer of truffle delicacies. It also has a Halal Certificate. In Labin and its surroundings, there are about 15 restaurants and pizzerias, of which the more famous ones are restaurants  “Tomažići”, “Velo kafe”, “Kvarner”, “Peteani”, “Dorina”,  “Flanona”, "Ferali" and “Stare staze" as well as pizerrias "Pineta", "Rumore" and "Burra".

A rural estatews where one could experience the genuine Istrian atmosphere and traditional cuisine are “Kaštel Pineta” in Sveti Martin, "Cerovac" in Eržišće and "Giovanna Allegra" in Šumber.

Links to some of the mentioned restaurants are provided below: